My name is Manuela Scanu, I am an italian illustrator of 26 years old, born and rased in Sassari. I'm based in Milan, the city where I'm constantly working on my biggest passion: the illustration. I toke the degree in Graphic Art and Projectation at the Academy of Fine Arts Mario Sironi of Sassari in 2019 and there I learned the beauty of collaboration and sperimentation, things that from then I'm always applicating to my creative projects and things that permitt me to see my works in a costant evolution. I love illustration for children and teenages most, I use digital illustration with the Procreate app for iPad more; I like to experiment with the 2d animation and now I'm experimenting with 3d creations. 
Through my illustrations, I aim to communicate with everyone, from childrens, to teenagers, to adults, keeping them together by what they have in common: emotions.
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